MEASURING THE WORLD in 3D. Precisely imaged.

High-precision 3D laser scanning delivers a perfect image of reality in digital form.
This technology is used, in particular, for inventory surveying and reverse engineering in industry, trade and research. Re-measurements, which represent a high cost both financially and temporally, can be omitted. At the first measurement each important detail is already recorded!

With our terrestrial Surphaser laser scanners, we have the most developed
laser scanning technology in the world with unsurpassed accuracy and high
performance. Objects and geometries can be scanned fully automatically - in sizes ranging from a matchbox to an industrial hall.

As pioneers in dealing with this technology, we offer all measurement services with the laser scanner. Years of experience and always having the latest technology guarantee optimal results.


  • Very high measuring accuracy,
    data quality and measurement speed
  • Very low noise in the sub-millimeter range
  • Up to 1.2 million data points per second
  • Measuring range from 0.2 to 120 meters
  • Combination laser tracker/measuring arm for special targets

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